Sunday, November 8, 2015

Redneck Names: Home Page

A rather amusing bit of trivia concerning Redneck names is that most of them will sound just as good on the pet as they do on the owner.
Names like Duke, Daisy, Rufus, Angel, Dakota, and Misty can be applied to both man and beast alike. Yep, it is something that a Redneck would just naturally think of doing.

Rednecks have traditionally come from deep country roots. Even if you drag a redneck out of the country, and plunk him down into a penthouse highrise apartment don't expect him to change too much.

A redneck is still going to maintain the strong country attitude, beliefs, and traditions that he was raised with no matter where he winds up living and this shows up in everything that a redneck will say or do.

You may notice that many of the typical Redneck names are actually those of favorite alcoholic beverages such as Brandy, Bud, Sherry, and Champagne. No pun intended. I'm just stating the facts. Rednecks are known to enjoy a nightcap or two, and they may have been enjoying one, while they were busy selecting a name for their latest child.

Names such as Dakota and Wynonna may have developed from the community or state in which the child was born. Must have had a nip or two of the good stuff to derive a name that way. 

Other Redneck names are taken from common everyday items such as the name Daisy which is from a popular spring flower. 

You will also find that many modern Redneck names are taken from individuals who have influenced their lives in one form or another. Names like Duke, Raquel, Paris, and Wynonna, and past presidential titles such as Jefferson and Jackson, are now all common Redneck names.

Other Redneck names are derived from the time, or season that the child is born into, or of an item that is considered as precious as the child itself is. Names like June, Prestine, Summer, Winchester, Chrystal, Tiffany, and Diamond are developed in this manner.

Yeah, Redneck's can be quite a simple people at times, but don't misjudge a Redneck as unintelligent. Redneck's have a very deep reasoning of moral values, and common sense, and it is this simple logic which often governs many of their day to day decisions.

Rednecks still carry much of their country based heritage in their attitudes so their names often reflect this rather unique back-country style of spirit. Jed, Bo, and Betty-Sue are examples of simple country names that Rednecks still use today.

Rednecks are indeed a rather uniquely spirited group of people. Holding fast to their traditional beliefs while quickly and enthusiastically jumping into the fast paced age of electronics.

The majority of Rednecks are recognized largely for their outspoken, and often times embarrassing, swearing, gambling, drinking, hard working, and hell raising way of life.

There are not many people who will argue the fact that Rednecks are a very distinct group of individuals. Rednecks work hard but they also have a tendency to play hard too. After a hard day of work they like to relax and enjoy the company of their friends and family.

Within the United States the term Redneck was first used as a derogatory term applied to the hardworking new immigrants living within the Southern parts of the United States. There are two theories as to why this name was attached to these early immigrants.

The first theory is that these immigrants acquired tanned reddened skin from working outdoors in the hot sun for countless long hours, and that it is the reddened skin on their necks, which gave these new immigrants the nickname of Redneck.

The second theory is a very long history lesson into England's past and a religious war going on within England. To make a long story short let's just say that the Protestant leaders within England made a deal with the Scots. If the Scots fought on their behalf then they were to be granted their freedom to maintain their religion.

Because they so deeply respected this deal some Scots signed this pact (covenant) with their own blood. The bloodied kerchief was then worn once again around the neck and lead to them being known as Rednecks.

The Protestants leaders lost the war so the covenant was then not honored. Some of these Scots fled to Ireland, some eventually immigrated to the United States, and had the nickname of Redneck arriving with them. Or so the tale goes.

The early Rednecks in America were generally lower class white immigrant farmers who were very much looked down upon by the mainstream of US citizens. So in order to increase their odds of survival in the new land these rural immigrants learned to lean on each other for their survival.

Rednecks developed an intense loyalty and protectionist attitude toward each other. Family (kinfolk), close friends, and trusted neighbors all became a part of their elite support circle. This close co-dependency on each other helped to insure their survival in the difficult backwoods country.

Rednecks also developed a resilient, and proudly defensive, attitude toward life. Doing what they could to survive they hunted squirrels for an evening meal, warned off their enemies with a blast from their long barreled shotgun, and brewed up secret batches of moonshine to share with those who befriended them.

A Redneck's distinctive attitude toward friends and foe lives on today. They are a class of people with a strong sense of loyalty, very little sophistication, and not much of a great desire to cater to anyone's whims.
Distinctions of social class have fallen away with the passing of time, and today's Redneck is just as likely to be a business man, as he is a farmer. Rednecks may be simple minded or well educated.

The modern day Redneck is defined simply by his attitude toward life. Redneck's are still outspoken in their attitude and it is the characteristic that they are most recognized for.

Redneck's are a hard working and hell raising batch of people and it is this distinct personality alone that now places them into the category of "Redneck".

Yet for all their boisterous posturing these modern day folks still carry with them today the strong sense of loyalty to family, home, country, and God that the early Rednecks used as their cornerstone for survival.

Strongly loyal to family and home, but mistrustful of governmental authority, these colorful individuals have earned their right to wear the dubiously distinguished title of Redneck.

As you peruse the alphabetical listings of tried and true Redneck names keep the very vital pieces of information that go into selecting a Redneck name in mind. How a Redneck name is chosen is very much as distinctive as are Rednecks themselves.

I'm kinda partial to crows so you may find them mentioned in more than a few of my articles. They are one smart bird.